Homelessness to Hope Campaign

The Homelessness to Hope Campaign will expand our ability to move people from homelessness to self-sufficiency. The main shelter of the St. Francis House was formerly a convent, built in 1956 for 12 Presentation Sisters who taught at Little Flower. Today, due to housing needs, the main shelter now houses 52 single guests. For more information view our campaign flyer here or campaign FAQs here.

A new $5.5M facility will be built at the current location in two phases. The new two-story facility will provide 60 double-occupancy rooms for singles individuals, with two different wings for 30 rooms to house 60 men and 30 rooms to house 60 women. Offices, conference rooms for additional programming services, kitchen and dining hall are in the center commons area.

At present, ten women are bunked in a singe 20' by 15' room in the main house.

Current Dining Area: due to space limitations, guests eat in shifts.

Current Kitchen: The existing kitchen also contains our laundry facilities.

Rooms will be dormitory style, two guests per room, with common restrooms at the center of each wing.

New Dining Hall

New Kitchen

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The St. Francis House: An Ecumenical Ministry, Moving People from Homelessness to Hope!


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