Adopt A Family Holiday Giving

Have you thought about doing something different during the holidays? The St. Francis House offers a great opportunity for families, co-workers or church groups to make a difference in the lives of a family through our Adopt a Family holiday giving event.

The St. Francis House connects families who want to provide a Christmas for another family who may be struggling to make ends meet. Depending on the size of your group, you can choose the appropriate family size. When you are matched with a family, we will provide you with a gift list, including sizes for clothing. There are three family sizes from which to choose:

  • Small Family: 1 parent with 1 child
  • Medium Family: 2 parents with 1 child or 1 parent with 2 children
  • Large Family: Families with 4 or more family members

There are other ways in which to give if you do not want to adopt a family. Here's a list of other ways to spread holiday cheer:

  • Angel Tree - Guests' Kids: (These are currently filled) You can host an angel tree for our single guests' kids at your place of work. We will bring a tree with ornaments with the child's name, age, sex and 1-2 toys they want.
  • Angel Tree - Office Supplies: copy paper, postage stamps, paper clips, binder clips, pens, Sharpies, folders, batteries, light bulbs, etc.
  • Angel Tree - Cleaning Supplies: paper towels, toilet paper, toilet bowl cleaner, bleach, dish soap, liquid soap, etc.
  • Angel Tree - Kitchen Supplies: sandwich bags, garbage bags, aluminum foil, napkins, dish gloves, mop heads, spices, seasonings, etc.
  • Angel Tree - Personal Products: cold & flu meds, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aleve, feminine hygiene products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.
  • Items for our Single Guests: This is the one time of the year when our single guests receive new items. Each guest receives: sweatshirt, stocking hat, gloves, socks, a spiritual item, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Cleaning Supplies for our Families: This is an opportunity to fill a laundry basket with assorted cleaning supplies, including laundry soap, fabric sheets, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
  • Food Drive: You can host a food drive to fill our pantry during the winter months. We will provide you with a grocery list.

Contact our development office at or call 605-929-1603 to learn more about the event!

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