Here are some things our guests are saying:

"I just want each of you to know how much your support has helped my family. I am working full time while providing for my children. I am grateful for the support of food, clothing and diapers when I run short.

I hope you can continue to help support the St. Francis House!" (Jennifer)

"I do not know what I would have done without the assistance of a home for me and my four children. I have been working so hard to keep my head above water with working full time, paying child care for four kids, your financial support of the St. Francis House allows me to continue to have a place to live". (Cindy)

"I have just arrived at the St. Francis House after living outside under a bridge for three days. I was cold, hungry and scared. The staff welcomed me into their home and gave me clean clothes to wear while they washed my clothes. I am working full time, saving my money and working on finding a place of my own. The economy is bad, but please keep helping them provide a home for us." (David)

"I have not been able to be a father to my son for many years due to being in prison for a drug charge. When I got to the St. Francis House, I informed staff that my son’s birthday was just in a few days. Staff helped me get a few things together, so for the first time in a long time, I could attend his birthday and he got a gift from his dad!" (Cory)

"I am a single mom with two children and I have stayed at the St. Francis House before with my kids. I messed up and decided to drink while was against their zero tolerance policy. I was sent to treatment and when I completed, I was able to return to the house. The staff helped me to see that I made a mistake and that the St. Francis House was here to help me with a hand up in life. I am doing well, am working on getting my kids back and hope to move into a family unit. The St. Francis House is my home and family!" (Deb)

"The St. Francis House is more than a homeless shelter, it was a home for me. They do everything in their power to help people like me to get back on their feet. I’m grateful for this place and the staff. There needs to be more places like this home, as there are a lot of people who do need the help and a fresh start regardless of personal situations. I’m moving on now to a new chapter in my life and I’m glad the St. Francis House was one of them. I will miss this place!" (Charles)

"I am so thankful to have a warm place to stay that is safe, and I can save money to get back on my feet."

"Thank you so much for the warm blanket, and snowsuit for my baby."

kids 002.jpg"When we moved into the St Francis House, I had 2 diapers left, I didn’t know where I would get some more, upon check in I was asked if we needed anything, I had a list in my head and was hoping someone would ask. We were given diapers and wipes along with bathing products for our children. That was a huge load off my mind! I am so thankful for people like you donating to my family."

"When we were in our own home I had to keep the blinds and curtains closed, I would get very nervous when I would see utility trucks in the neighborhood; I would get nervous that they were coming to shut my electricity, gas or water off. Due to the things I learned while staying at the St. Francis House, I can now leave my shades up and enjoy the sunshine and not have to worry about things being turned off, because I pay my bills first."

Here are some things our Volunteers are saying....

As I have gotten older, I realize how life can change at a moment’s notice.  What you have can be taken away from you in a second and most times it is beyond your control.  I realized how lucky I have been in my life even with all the low points that life can bring you.  I started to volunteer at the St Francis House early in 2015 as a way to better my life and to show how appreciative I am for all the opportunities I have been given.  I have volunteered at other places and the people at St Francis, employees and guests, have done the best job at making me feel appreciated.  There doesn’t seem to be any shortage of “thank you’s” and smiles while I am here.  

- Lori S.