Our Programs

Mission: "an ecumenical ministry, moving people from homelessness to hope!"

We are an emergency and transitional housing program for 40 men, 13 women, and 7 families. 

We move our guests from homelessness to hope through our programming requiring guests to:

  • obtain and maintain employment
  • place 50% of every paycheck into a savings account
  • remain alcohol, substance, and gambling free
  • uphold household chores
  • attend two self-improvement classes each week

We provide our guests:

  • shelter
  • food
  • debt management
  • basic essentials
  • case management
  • HOPE!

Our goal is for our guests to leave our program debt free, maintaining recovery, and on a path to success! 

St Francis House depends entirely on donations from individuals, local businesses, and local churches to continue our ecumenical ministry to the homeless. Support our Mission!