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The St. Francis House is proud to use mobile bidding by ClickBid Simple Mobile Giving for its silent auction. Bidding is easier than ever. Once you have checked in you will receive a welcome text message with a link. Simply tap on the link to load your confirmation page.

Place Bids in seconds
Either swipe up and browse items or tap MENU to search or filter items. Once you find an item you wish to bid on, simply tap Bid/Info, More/Buy or Donate to bid, buy or donate. From there you simply choose an amount and we’ll do the rest.

Bid Types
Once you have selected a bid, you have the option of which type you would like to place. A max bid will place the next available bid and continue to auto bid for you up to your max amount. A regular bid on the other hand places the bid you select without any auto bids in between. Max bid is great for “set it and forget it” style bidding where you don’t want to keep checking on how your bids are going.

What if I am Outbid?
We keep track of your bids for you and once you have been outbid we’ll immediately send a text message to your phone and show you an on-screen alert. You can easily jump back into your account and make sure you don’t miss out.

Watch Your Bids Like a Pro with My Bids
You won’t miss a beat with your bidding history filters which show you items you are winning, watching and losing. We keep this page focused on the items you’re interested in so you don’t get distracted and lose an item. You can find your filters under the MENU button.

If you ever need help you can locate a bidding assistant to remove a bid, lookup items, or bid on your behalf. We’ve got your back!

Checkout Now!
Once the auction is over, winning guests will see a “Checkout Now” link on their phones. Pressing this link will allow them to complete their information and make a secure payment for their winning items.

Secure Checkout
After clicking on Checkout Now, guests will see a list of items purchased. They can complete their payment information and make a one-time secure payment for their auction totals. This information is then sent to the organization and guests are ready to pick up their items. If a guest has an email address on file, a receipt will be emailed to them. If the guest prefers a hard copy of the receipt, they can stop by the check out table and an assistant can print a receipt.

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