The St. Francis House's Approach to COVID-19

During these very challenging and difficult times, the St. Francis House is focused on not only meeting the needs of our guests and staff, but also our entire community. Our doors continue to be open to our 80 single individuals and 5 families who are seeking a warm and safe home to live, while also focusing on following guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19.

We are thankful for our new home and the ability to have more space for our guests to follow social distancing, but we are also taking additional steps to secure everyone’s safety. Our entire building is cleaned twice a day as well as high traffic areas being sanitized on a more frequent basis. Our guests have all been informed of proper hand washing, are encouraged to remain in our home as much as possible, and to report immediately any signs or symptoms to staff.

We have amazing employees dedicated to serving our guests and assisting them to remain calm and to keeping them busy. Many of our guests have been impacted by a reduction in hours or being laid off due to our community crisis, so employees are working to provide them support and encouragement.

Ways to Support our Guests and Employees:

  1. Cards – During Lent we requested cards to be sent to our guests to give them positive words of encouragement and support. They were well-received by our guests. These cards are needed more than ever with the additional stress of no income, since most do not have PTO.
  2. Prayers – Please keep the employees of the St. Francis House and our guests in your prayers. Our guests are some of the most vulnerable in our community needing love and support. Due to the nature of our work, we are not able to close or work from home, so our employees are standing strong to serve and are in need of your prayers.
  3. Financial Donations – Due to the increased demands of longer hours for employees, increased use of cleaning supplies as well as the increase in serving more meals due to guests not working, we are seeking financial support to keep moving forward. Feel free to click on the link to donate through our website. DONATE HERE
  4. Other Donations – For the time being, our doors will remain locked and guests will not be allowed in the St. Francis House. We are accepting donations, but beginning October 26, we implemented a policy that minimizes physical intereaction between donors and staff.  We are asking donors to pull up to the main entrance and unload their donated items by the front door. Once donors have left, staff will come out and collect the items. Donations are accepted daily from 8 am - 8 pm. We do not accept donations of appliances, TVs/computers or paint/stain. Furniture donations will need to be approved by the Executive Director due to limited storage space. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 605-334-3879 or email us at
  5. Needed Items – Food, personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, cleaning wipes, bleach, etc.

There is no greater time than now, to stand up strong to come together to support others during the crisis facing our community!

Julie Becker, Executive Director

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