Construction Project

The time has come. On April 1, 2019 crews arrived to begin demolition of the five houses that will be the site of the new St. Francis House facility.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the new facility is scheduled Saturday, May 4. Construction will begin on the south wing and main office, kitchen and dining area. This phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2019.

When that phase is finished, the main shelter will be demolished and construction will begin on the north wing. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by July 2020.

Parking at St. Francis House

During the construction of our new facility, we have adjusted our parking situation. The graphic to the right illustrates where different groups may park when they visit St. Francis House.

Reserved Parking:
The area nearest the intersection of N Sherman Ave and E Austin St is reserved for the St. Francis House van and pickup.

Donation Drop Off:
The area in front of the main shelter is a short-term parking area reserved for individuals who are dropping off donations.

Volunteer Parking:
The east half of the block on E Austin St in front of the Quad Building, as well as the area east of the Quad Building on N Van Eps Ave is where volunteers may park. Volunteer groups are asked to carpool in an effort to limit the number of vehicles parked around the facility.

We ask everyone visiting the St. Francis House to please be respectful of our neighbors and to not park in front of our neighbors' property. For example, we ask everyone to refrain from parking on the north side of E Austin St.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

Construction Photos - October 2019

  • 10-04-19-01.jpg
  • 10-04-19-03.jpg
  • 10-04-19-02.jpg
  • 10-04-19-04.jpg
  • 10-04-19-05.jpg
  • 10-18-19-09.jpg
  • 10-04-19-06.jpg
  • 10-04-19-07.jpg
  • 10-04-19-08.jpg
  • 10-11-19-01.jpg
  • 10-11-19-02.jpg
  • 10-11-19-03.jpg
  • 10-11-19-04.jpg
  • 10-11-19-05.jpg
  • 10-18-19-01.jpg
  • 10-18-19-02.jpg
  • 10-18-19-03.jpg
  • 10-18-19-04.jpg
  • 10-18-19-05.jpg
  • 10-18-19-06.jpg
  • 10-18-19-07.jpg
  • 10-18-19-08.jpg
  • 10-18-19-11.jpg
  • 10-18-19-10.jpg
  • 10-18-19-12.jpg

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