St. Francis House's History

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The St. Francis House is a homeless shelter in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, providing an ecumenical ministry to the homeless. People of all races, genders and creeds are welcomed at the St. Francis House for emergency and transitional housing.

Six months after opening, the St. Francis House, through the assistance of local churches of all denominations, civic groups, businesses, and volunteers, was able to support itself. On March 15, 1987, the doors were opened to the homeless. The late Bishop Paul Dudley began operations using the Little Flower Convent to house individuals in need. First Lutheran Church, through Pastor David Holm, provided the funds to run the operation. Together, the two worked side-by-side to make the St. Francis House, an ecumenical ministry for the homeless, a reality. 

Today, the St. Francis House still stands strong. The ministry operates on a “hand up” rather than a “hand out” approach for the homeless. Program services have increased from the original 48 beds to current services of beds for 31 men, 38 women, and 7 families. The St. Francis House has expanded from its one meal a day, five day stay maximum to the current three-leveled transitional housing program. 

The challenges the homeless face are unimaginable. The St. Francis House is a place where the homeless can come to find recovery and support. Various organizations and individuals throughout Sioux Falls have helped the St. Francis House become a strong, safe, and stable home. As the ministry continues to grow, the St. Francis House will continue to lend a helping hand those in need.



Our Mission statement:  An ecumenical ministry moving people from homelessness to hope.